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J.W. “Wally” Dant is paying tribute to his family with the creation of Log Still Distillery and Dant Crossing. While he may have his own story and reason for entering the bourbon business, there is no denying that he and cousins Lynne and Charles are building something special in bourbon country.



We call him founder, foreman, and fearless leader. You can call him Wally.

As president/distiller, Wally Dant works hard every day to bring his vision for Log Still Distillery to life. And to Wally, it’s about more than quality spirits and an unforgettable destination. It’s about love of God, family, community and bourbon.

Wally is rebuilding and reinventing his family’s historic distillery property, the very same land in southern Nelson County where his many family members once made spirits. “To be able to put your name as a distiller on a bottle is pretty humbling.”

Log Still is Wally’s way of honoring his family and giving back to the community he credits for providing his family with values and love. And drawing from years of experience in the health care and liquor industries, this business-savvy entrepreneur is the right man for the job. Wally dreams big, and he won’t stop until he sees those dreams come to fruition.

If he’s not hard at work shepherding the Log Still brands, you can likely find him making garden-fresh salsa, hot sauce, ketchup from the homegrown garden, or cooking up a chef-like meal for friends and family.

He takes his bourbon on the rocks or neat with ice on the side.


Engineering, marketing, and now distilling. You name it, Lynne Dant has done it. She’s traveled the world in her previous roles, but she’s ready to return to her Kentucky roots and conquer bourbon country.

Lynne understood early on that she had bourbon in her blood and took pride in her family’s rich heritage. She often found herself researching Dant history or searching for memorabilia on eBay. So when her cousin Wally invited her to join him in rebuilding a distillery where her grandfather Will's distillery once stood, it was a no-brainer.

Today, Lynne serves as our chief operating officer and distiller, applying her engineering expertise to find the perfect tasting notes for our whiskey and bourbon blends. 

In Lynne’s eyes, giving back to the community and forging a new road ahead for our family are just “the right way to live.”

She enjoys her bourbon either neat or in a cocktail as an old-fashioned or manhattan


Charles Dant’s journey to Log Still Distillery began when he was a kid. 

Charles was born and raised near the distillery grounds in southern Nelson County and thought of the expansive land as one big playground. He’d make security rounds with his grandfather who worked at the old guard shack or disrupt the nuns praying at nearby Bethany Springs with the sound of his dirtbike. “I used to climb the water tower. Used to beg them not to tear it down. It’s meant so much to me.”

And today, he’s still looking after these grounds, including that iconic water tower. As our vice president of Operations, Charles oversees the 300-acre property in the community he loves. “I keep pinching myself every day.”

If he ever has down time, you will likely find him gardening with his cousin Wally.

He takes his bourbon neat with ice on the side.
Dant Crossing
In the spirit of celebrating family and making memories, the Dants invite you to visit Dant Crossing – 300 pastoral acres of rolling Kentucky farmland where Log Still Distillery is located.

A new kind of destination for bourbon country, Dant Crossing will be home to one-of-a-kind weddings, memorable corporate events, day trips, and weekend getaways. Anchored by Log Still Distillery, Dant Crossing will also include a network of wooded walking trails, a fully functional train depot, an outdoor amphitheater, farm-to-table restaurant, 12-acre lake for fishing, and unique lodging options that create an immersive experience never before seen in bourbon country. All amenities are scheduled to open throughout 2022. The beautiful Homestead bed-and-breakfast is officially open and taking reservations. You can book over at

Log Still Distillery neither owns nor has any affiliation with the “J.W. Dant” brand.

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History of the Log Still

In 1836, Joseph Washington Dant began distilling Kentucky bourbon. The young Dant could not afford to purchase a copper still and instead hollowed out an old poplar log to create his bourbon. The hollowed log was used as a pot to hold the beer. From there, steam heat would be used to warm the beer, which is where the phrase “running it off a log” originates from. 

Dant sold enough of his log still whiskey to eventually upgrade to a copper still, but he never forgot his roots. The Log Still name is a nod to remembering where we came from and honoring our past.

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