Vendor Spotlight: Rustic Nail & Co. Puts the History of Kentucky Bourbon in Every Detail of Log Still Distillery


Vendor Spotlight: Rustic Nail & Co. Puts the History of Kentucky Bourbon in Every Detail of Log Still Distillery

This is the first installment in an ongoing series where we will highlight the partners responsible for helping us create the Log Still Distillery brand, our products, and our amazing facilities. In this edition, it is our pleasure to tell you about the wonderful folks at Rustic Nail & Co., and how they are helping bring our dream of a Log Still Distillery campus to life. 

Based in Bowling Green, Kentucky, Rustic Nail & Co. is a trusted contractor renowned for creating spectacular, custom rooms and pieces out of largely reclaimed materials. Their specialized work, which includes ironwork, metal fabrication of all sorts, custom lighting, copperwork, stone, brick, woodwork, 3D printing, leatherwork, and specialty metals including zinc and brass, has made them a leading name in area design.

Rustic Nail has been featured as a creative designer and builder of HGTV’s Dream Home, as well as DIY’s “Barnwood Builders” and KET’s “Bluegrass and Backroads.” Former clients include Bowling Green’s Hickory & Oak Restaurant and Steamer Seafood Restaurant, as well as Texas Roadhouse and Starbucks corporate locations nationwide. They have been honored by Parade of Homes on several occasions.

Rustic Nail’s vision, aesthetic, and reputation for outstanding work made them the perfect partner for Log Still. Currently, they are designing and creating custom elements for the campus’s tasting room, restaurant, visitors center, and more. They will have a hand in the design of adjacent rental properties as well, meaning they will touch every element of a guest’s time on the Dant family property.

Rustic Nail’s designs focus on creating an immersive guest experience through consistency and extraordinary attention to detail. Bar and restaurant spaces will feature custom elements including lighting, furniture, bar tops, beam work, and more, and the Tasting Room will feature a design that pays homage to the original Quonset hut from the space. As Rustic Nail founder Kyle Cochran describes it, his design is meant to leave guests with a memorable experience grounded in the history of Kentucky, bourbon, and the Dant family.

“Our [Rustic Nail’s] responsibility is that final touch, which can’t be rushed. It’s the thing that visitors will have the most interaction with,” Cochran said. “Being a lifetime resident of Kentucky allows me to understand the culture and lifestyle of those who previously created the Dant distillery. With that understanding, I’m doing my best to recreate the feel and atmosphere as if it were 100 years ago.”

Rustic Nail’s designs have been heavily influenced by photographs and documentation of the original Dant family properties and distillery. We can’t wait for guests to see all of the hard work that Rustic Nail and our other vendors have put into making this a truly spectacular site.